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single channel videos 2017

These videos are vignettes from a series that explores how people relate to and suffer from the distress of mental illness. This work investigates both sides of the thin line separating the mentally healthy from the unhealthy and ultimately celebrates the complexity and the beauty of the human mind.  These animations were made using a 3D scanner and motion capture. We made marionettes of the figures using motion capture data attached to the three-dimensional scans of model’s bodies.

multi-channel videos 2019

These animations are multi-channel installations from a series titled Much Madness is divinest Sense and were produced using a new technology, a four-dimensional scanner. Since the mesh, color map and motion are all captured together, to be true to the the technology, we used the raw footage as it came from the scanner, for the most part only manipulating the time. Psychological stress is expressed by actors performing within the narrow confines of the four-dimensional scanner that records movement data in time and space. The title is taken from Emily Dickinson's poem with the same name.

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