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storyboard for scribble in the air, 2005, pigment print, 24 prints, 11” x 8” each

Human frailty has been an ongoing theme for us and we use a 3d whole body scanner, which we access through a military base, to place a human body into a computer as a three dimensional photograph to deconstruct it. The scanner's cameras only record external information so the resulting hollowness of the body and our manipulation of its spatial coordinates contribute to a sense of de-realization. The figure becomes distorted, vulnerable and fragmented, allowing us to explore the body by altering the way we visualize it.


scribble in the air is part of a series of animations and drawings made by completely abstracting and deconstructing the body into line form. By sectioning the figure into topographic slices and varying the depth, the human slices become a complex, painterly set of calligraphic lines resembling brushstrokes, associating calligraphy with its connection to the human body. Brush strokes have “bones” and “arteries”, characters have a “skeleton”. This video, showing from more than one viewpoint, dismantles the figure into calligraphic ribbons with lines of varying weight and intensity. The image becomes unrecognizable, deconstructed and remapped, allowing one to experience a fragmented figure and, out of the chaotic abstraction of its lines, to recover the body.


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