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scribble in the air.jpg

scribble in the air, 2006, 3 channel video installation, 08:36, no sound

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Human frailty is an ongoing theme in our work and we use 3D whole body scanners, accessed through military research installations, to digitize the human body as a way to deconstruct and alter the way we visualize it. Topographies we create from these figures describe the body in a classical, almost Renaissance way because the figure feels structurally rendered from the inside out. Each layer visually becomes a ribbon of flesh and with custom software we are able to manipulate each section. Varying the depth of the topographic layers produces a complex, organic, and painterly calligraphy that looks much like brushstrokes with lines of varying weight and intensity. These sections and topographies are abstract and often almost unrecognizable, deconstructing the human form and remapping it, allowing the viewer to experience a fragmented figure and, out of the chaotic abstraction of its lines, to recover the body.

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