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Working with the three-dimensional scanner as a camera, we've developed different software programs that allow us to deconstruct the three-dimensional body and to produce animations by manipulating the figures and their relationship to the cameras. Points of continuing fascination for us are the ability, within the computer, to not only work with the figure sculpturally but also to manipulate the viewpoint of the camera. Images captured with a traditional camera are limited to a single viewpoint, fixing the photographic eye in time, whereas with three-dimensional imagery the camera essentially surrounds the subject, allowing a unique simultaneity. We continue to explore this omni directional quality of the three-dimensional photographic images, using the unlimited number of viewpoints derived from a single scan to place the viewer outside the frame of traditional lens-based perspectival vision. In thinskinned, instants from animations are revisited and compiled from numerous viewpoints, capturing a single moment from multiple angles.

“Their work has continued to explore and expose the vulnerability and uncontrollability of the body, but the means and ends have become more indirect and inconclusive. A distinctive technological sophistication has released a vivid metaphorical dimension. The precise splicing of the body mimics diagnostic medical procedures in order to examine not what we might have, but what the human condition may become. LoCurto and Outcault are corporealists who energetically engage the immateriality, insecurity, and alterability of the body. Their work takes us out of and beyond the conventions of the single, perspectival point of view to present both timeless and prescient questions about the body—its transformation and rejuvenation, vulnerability and temporality. Subjecting us to an unsettled relationship of what we see, believe, and understand, this “body of work” insists on an embodied experience of our own errant perceptions and subtle calculations.”

Patricia Phillips, un[moving] pictures, 2006


thinskinned is a suite of 22 prints, 14 in color and 8 in black and white.

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