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“The three-dimensional scans used to create also provided source material for subsequent series of works in which the artists have animated images of their standing, sitting, or crouching bodies, presenting them from multiple, simultaneous perspectives. The moving image also allows them to further explore the shifting dynamic between wholeness and disintegration that pervades their work. timeline (2005) is an elegant group of pigment prints in which an image is formed by freezing a sequence of moments in time. In these works the artists succeed in translating the choreographed movements of the exploded figure into calligraphic lines on a page, giving new meaning to the notion of body language. Although traces of the body may emerge from the vigorously cascading ribbons of flesh, the origins of these marks have become progressively obscure. The disembodied figure, startlingly beautiful and nearly abstract, has become a picture of pure energy–functioning simultaneously as an ethereal self-portrait and a study in form.”

Helaine Posner, Art Journal, spring 2006


timeline is a series of 17 prints, 9 color and 8 black and white.

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